Oral health and

the connected body

The importance of oral hygiene is gaining increased attention as we learn more about the connections between oral and overall health. Numerous studies have revealed linkages between periodontal diseases* and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among others[¹'²].

* Philips Oral Healthcare products are designed to aid in the prevention of cavities, plaque and gingivitis. They have not been cleared or approved for the prevention or treatment of periodontitis or other diseases. Emerging research shows that there is an association between periodontitis and certain systemic diseases. A cause and effect relationship has not been established.

Symposium presenters and research


Philips hosts annual oral health symposiums to discuss and celebrate new research in the area of oral healthcare. Previous symposiums took place in California and Berlin, and were attended by key opinion leaders from around the world.

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Marko de Jager

Perspective from

Philips Research

Steven Offenbacher

Adverse pregnancy

Bruno Loos


Frank Scannapieco


Evanthia Lalla



Souvik Sen



Brian Novy

High Fructose Corn

Betsy Reynolds

High Fructose Corn

Maria Goldie

Women’s Oral and
Systemic Health

Philips oral healthcare symposium


Register for the 2015 Philips “Oral Health and the Connected Body” Symposium and let us rethink the term “Oral Health”.


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Tools to support you

The importance of improving and maintaining optimal oral health needs to be emphasized to patients, and the Philips CARE tool can help you screen patients to assess their risk levels for periodontal disease and provide treatment options. To learn more about the CARE Tool, please see the video and links below.


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2. Barnett ML. The oral-systemic disease connection. An update for the practicing dentist. J AM Dent Assoc 2006: 137 (suppl): 5S-6S.