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Comfort and accuracy in decision making

How the "smart" ICCA system helps doctors in the intensive care units of the University of Pécs

Digitalization  is one of the main healthcare trends

In the emergency department (ED/ER)), medical personnel have an increased level of workload. Doctors need to process all the information, keep under control the treatment, appointments, the condition of patients and costs, while still managing to pay maximum attention to each patient. Often, important, but routine tasks take so much time and effort that there is almost no more left for the care and individual approach to the patient.

Modern technologies make it possible to optimize work and

thus achieve a new level of care in the ICU

One of the first medical institutions to introduce such a system was University of Pécs, Hungary.  With such a digital assistant, professionals can devote more time and attention to patients and make more informed decisions

IntelliSpace Critical Care

IntelliSpace Critical Care and 
Critical care information system

With ever-rising healthcare costs, staff shortages, and a need for compliance with evolving national care standards, leveraging clinical information has become a key component to drive improvements in quality of care. Interoperable with most EMRs with HL7 capabilities, IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anaesthesia (ICCA) helps by providing advanced clinical decision support software and structured documentation and analysis tools across the care continuum.

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Monitoring the effectiveness of ARIT

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Digital Document

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Support for clinical decision

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