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Single breast expression

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Designed for mothers’ comfort, this small, portable single electric pump is convenient to use in or out of the home. Three user controlled vacuum settings offer personalized comfort for a steady supply of milk.

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3 simple expression settings || Breastfeeding
3 simple expression settings

3 simple expression settings

When switched on, the pump automatically starts in a gentle stimulation mode to help trigger let down. Then the mother can choose between three ‘one touch’ pressure settings to make the milk flow most effectively for her. The system’s comfort features have been clinically proven to lead to more milk expression.
Easy-to-use, even on the go || Breastfeeding
Easy-to-use, even on the go

Easy-to-use, even on the go

Mothers experience effortless expressing at the touch of a button. Simple settings make it easy for them to become accustomed to operation. The system can be plugged in, or used ‘on the go’ with 4 AA batteries. And the system is compatible with the full range of Philips Avent milk storage solutions.
Lightweight and easy-to-clean || Breastfeeding
Lightweight and easy-to-clean

Lightweight and easy-to-clean

The Philips Avent Comfort single electric breast pump weighs less than 393g (13.86 oz) and the tube wraps around the base unit for extra convenience. The system is a closed system for easy cleaning. Breast milk can never get into the tubing or motor unit. All parts can be immersed in water and sterilized except for the electrical parts.
Pump mimics infant suckling behavior || Breastfeeding
Pump mimics infant suckling behavior

Pump mimics infant suckling behavior

By combining breast compression with gentle suction, the pump is designed to mimic the infant’s suckling behavior. It features our clinically proven massage cushion with soft petals that gently compress the breast to stimulate milk flow. This innovative cushion has a distinctive, velvety texture that feels warm on the breast, further helping mothers to relax while expressing.
User perceptions on the Comfort elect... || Breastfeeding
User perceptions on the Comfort electric breast pump

User perceptions on the Comfort electric breast pump

In a recent study of UK mothers, 91% of mothers strongly agreed that being comfortable when expressing is important for good milk flow and 86% of mothers were very satisfied with the effectiveness of the breast pump, while 96% of mothers strongly agreed that this breast pump is easy to use*
For a constant supply || Breastfeeding

For a constant supply

Recommended by healthcare professionals for its small size and unique features, the Philips Avent Comfort single electric breast pump is clinically proven to deliver as much milk as a leading competitor breast pump but with significantly more comfort. It is ideally positioned for use in the home where a steady supply of breast milk is required.

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Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Expression unit: 125g (when fully assembled
Motor unit including tubing: 307g
Single Electric Breast Pump Specifications
Pumping mode
Single electric
Vacuum levels
Stimulation mode: 128mmHg. Expression setting 1: 169mmHg
Expression setting 2: 209mmHg. Expression setting 3: 250mmHg
What’s in the pack
1x breast pump expression unit (including 1x Philips Avent Natural bottle)
1x motor unit including tubing & connecting cap
1x newborn flow teat
1x hygiene cover for cushion
1x sealing disc for breast milk storage
1x power adapter
1x spare diaphragm
1x instruction manual for Comfort breast pump
1x instruction manual for Natural bottle
1x day breastpad sample pack
1x night breastpad sample pack
Polypropylene: pump body, hygiene cover for funnel,Natural bottle.
Silicone: cushion, diaphragm, valve,newborn flow teat TPE: sealing disc Entirely BPA free
Expression unit: Total height: 17.1cm (when fully assembled)
Expression unit: Total width: 13.5cm (when fully assembled)
Motor unit: Total height: 6.8cm, Total width: 14.2cm, Totaldepth: 10.4cm
All parts can be immersed in water and sterilised except forthe electrical parts
Easy visual matching of parts. Few small pieces
Instructions of use
Printed instruction manual with easy-referencetroubleshooting guide
2 years
Available spare parts
Pump body, massage cushion, massage cushion large
Diaphragm and valve, tubing, power adapter, motor unit
Hygiene cover for cushion, battery lid on motor unit