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The DreamStation travel case* gives patients a convenient, compact, and discreet way to travel with their DreamStation sleep therapy system and supplies.

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Convenient power options || DreamStation Travel case

Convenient power options

Includes a DreamStation 65W power supply that is lighter and smaller than the DreamStation 80W power supply. The included USB port can be used to charge items such as a smartphone and other electronic devices during travel.
Compact for travel || DreamStation Travel case

Compact for travel

The lightweight, hard-fabric case offers an ideal combination of protection and portability. Its individual compartments accommodate the DreamStation** system and neatly organizes the supplies. An included mesh pouch holds the tubing securely in place.


Product details
Product details
  • Travel case with 65W power supply (with USB port)
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • DreamStation sleep therapy devices
Use with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment
  • No
Product Category
  • Sleep therapy
Product Type
  • Sleep therapy accessories
CE certified
  • Yes (65W power supply)
  • 10.42” w (26.46cm) x 3.94” h (10cm) x 13.78” d (35cm)
  • Dark Gray
Ordering information
  • Travel case, 65W power supply w/ USB port, PN 1120135
  • *DreamStation, mask, and tubing not included.
  • **Without humidifier