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    Start-up partners rise to the challenge

    Better cancer care from home. Virtual education for clinicians. AI to manage chronic diseases. Software to streamline hospital staffing. Our start-up partners are re-imagining how to enable better, lower-cost care that customers need.

    Current Philips Health Technology Ventures Fund portfolio

    Our business-agnostic Philips Health Technology Ventures Fund directly invests in digital software- and technology-enabled services.

    Examples of Philips business-sponsored start-ups

    Philips Ventures orchestrates collaborations and investments between Philips businesses and select start-ups.

    BioIntelliSense logo

    BioIntelliSense is a continuous health monitoring company that has created remote patient monitoring solutions used outside of the hospital.

    Caretaker logo

    CareTaker Medical developed a noninvasive finger cuff for continual blood pressure and vital sign monitoring in high-acuity settings.

    BioBright logo

    BioBright automates data flow from lab instruments to a secure cloud to standardize and analyze data.

    Common Sensing logo

    Common Sensing is a dose monitoring solution enabling patients and providers to better use injectable medicine, including insulin.

    Lifetrack Medical Systems logo

    Lifetrack Medical Systems improves access to medical imaging services through a radiology software designed to quickly produce high-quality diagnostic reports.

    Pedra technology logo

    Pedra Technology develops perfusion technologies for the diagnosis and management of peripheral artery disease.

    Noninvasix logo

    Noninvasix invented technology that can replace invasive, intermittent diagnostic testing of key measurements with novel noninvasive patient monitoring methods.

    Alodokter logo

    Alodokter created a digital health platform that includes telemedicine, doctor appointment booking, medical content and health insurance services.

    Workforce logo

    Workforce Optimizer addresses worsening staff shortages and rising labor costs with software designed to deploy and staff optimally.

    Allm logo

    The Japanese start-up Allm is creating next-generation technologies and medical communications platforms for acute care, mobile diagnostic solutions and home care.

    Sweetch logo

    Sweetch offers a personalized AI platform designed to increase adherence to disease prevention and management recommendations.

    Fabian Kording, CEO of Northh-medical, gives a presentation.
    Philips Ventures is synonymous with acceleration and sharpening our main value proposition.”

    Fabian Kording

    CEO, Northh-medical

    Its mission: the Hamburg, Germany-based company aims to establish fetal cardiac MRI in clinical practices for better fetal care

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