MR-only simulation

Unleash the real power of MR simulation

Najít podobné výrobky

Innovative MR-only simulation pelvis lets you plan radiation therapy for male and female pelvic cancer patients with soft-tissue tumors using MRI as a single-modality solution. Within just one MR exam, MR-only simulation provides excellent soft-tissue contrast for target and OAR delineation, and CT-like density information for dose calculations. This not only extends the benefits of MRI’s outstanding soft-tissue contrast to radiotherapy planning, but it also eliminates arduous, error-prone CT-MRI registration from the process, reducing uncertainties and complexity.

  • 1. Tested in a non-clinical environment with single Pinnacle3 user and a 5-beam IMRT plan. Excluding time for optional manual adjustments
  • 2. Rasch et al. IJROBP, 43(1):57-66, 1999. Hentschel et al. Strahlenther Onkol,187(3):183-90, 2011. Tanaka et al. Radiat Res., 52(6):782-8, 2011
  • 3. MR-only simulation for general pelvis is considered works in progress, is not CE-marked and not available for sale.