IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise One work environment, one advanced visualization solution

IntelliSpace Portal Enterprise

One work environment, one advanced visualization solution

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Redefining advanced imaging scalability from a single workstation towards an enterprise solution.

Growing with you

Growing with you

With up to 200 concurrent users within departments or across hospitals you can get a holistic representation of your patient imaging data. If your hospital environment changes more processing resources can be added to fit your new requirements.
Do more with one worklist

Do more with one worklist

The solution provides one patient directory that consolidates your patient advanced imaging data for easy access.
Say goodbye to downtime

Say goodbye to downtime

Patient care can’t wait. That’s why IntelliSpace Portal features a failover system to help maintain high availability by leveraging on existent server virtualization technologies.
Rely on consistent performance

Rely on consistent performance

IntelliSpace Portal is designed to deliver consistent performance for patient care, even at heavy loads. It balances the load by automatically routing users to the most suitable Portal server on site, based on data type and server load.

Seamless integration across your hospital network

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Clinical imaging technologies are evolving constantly. Turn this change to your advantage with our solution. We’re committed to helping you realize the full clinical and operational potential of our solution throughout your organization.

Scalable models tailored to your advanced needs

Supporting data security and integrity across the enterprise with patient and role-based access controls.

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  • One clinical licensing model
  • One central database
  • One service contract
  • One seamless workflow
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  • One clinical licensing model
  • Multiple sites database
  • One service contract
  • One graphical user interface
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  • One clinical licensing model
  • Partial sites database integration
  • One service contract
  • Hardware configuration allows further full integration
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Delivering a secure hosting environment

Like every industry that relies on increasingly connected computer networks, healthcare is faced with a growing number of security breaches. Discover the IntelliSpace Portal secure software development lifecycle process.

Looking for advanced imaging information?

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Discover our Education center and explore a wide range of informative content, covering clinical white papers, advanced imaging application tutorials, webinars, and customer testimonials.

Protect your investment from day one

The pace of technology is very fast, but investments will not become obsolete year by year. Our solution capabilities adjust to the specific needs of your enterprise.
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AV Rightfit

Flexible maintenance service agreement
  • Flexible, customizable service plans.
  • Latest technology to keep systems current.
  • High system uptime, performance and productivity.
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An all-in one subscription service solution
  • Lower your operating cost with a recurring, predictable all-inclusive subscription model.
  • Access the latest clinical innovations from Philips, in existing and new application.
  • Protecting your investment through software updates and upgrades combined with inclusive clinical & IT training.