Tumor ablation

Tumor biopsy and ablation

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Azurion 7 M20 with FlexArm

Azurion 7 M20 with FlexArm image-guided therapy system

Unlimited flexibility and high-resolution imaging over a large field of view with full projection flexibility with the 20” detector

Excellent visibility at ultra-low X-ray dose with ClarityIQ

Ultra large screen display with FlexVision for all necessary and available information

The touch screen module allows full table side control of images and applications with tablet ease of use

Easy 3D image acquisition with SmartCT

XperGuide Ablation for excellent needle trajectory planning and guidance

This ceiling-mounted system provides unlimited imaging flexibility and exceptional positioning freedom. Seamlessly control all relevant applications from a single touch screen at table side, to help make fast, informed decisions while remaining in the sterile field. Philips Azurion with FlexArm works around you so you can advance your suite performance and deliver superior care.


    Total table side control and acquisition guidance with SmartCT


    Easily control advanced 3D acquisition, visualization and measurements at table side to improve lab flexibility and efficiency. Segmentation tasks are semi-automated and made available on the touch screen to speed up your 3D image analysis. SmartCT is designed to make 3D imaging accessible to clinical users. SmartCT offers step by step guidance throughout the whole 3D image acquisition leaving you no room for guess work and empowering you to deliver superior care to your patients.

    XperGuide ablation

    Excellent needle trajectory planning and guidance with XperGuide Ablation


    XperGuide Ablation* provides comprehensive assistance for treatment planning and live needle guidance. It offers unique Parallax Correction to plan needle trajectories for off-center lesions.1 To optimize the needle position for effective ablation, this tool displays the virtual needle path to assist in multiple needle planning. It shows needle characteristics such as ablation zone/isotherm to confirm complete tumor coverage prior to ablation.

    Highly accurate and safe needle interventions with XperGuide and CBCT

    XperGuide and CBCT

    Lesion heterogeneity and lack of conspicuity limit the quality of specimens as well as the feasibility of biopsies when performed under ultrasound or conventional CT. With the increasing adoption of screening programs in lung, early lung cancers manifesting as small nodules have been detected more frequently than ever before. 14.5% of a screened population was observed to have nodules ≤10 mm.1-2 Our needle navigation technology with CBCT increases precision, and enables the targeting of smaller (<=1 cm) or heterogeneous lesions more accurately with less needle repositioning and at lower dose than conventional CT.1-2


    More accurate
    needle positioning

    compared to

    conventional CT 1


    Less needle


    compared to

    conventional CT 1


    Lower skin dose

    compared to

    conventional CT 1

    Tumor biopsy and ablation

    Tumor ablation infographic
    XperGuide and CBCT

    Comprehensive approach supports successful outcomes

    Percutaneous ablation (radiofrequency, microwave, and cryoablation), is a well-established minimally invasive treatment of kidney, liver, lung and bone tumors. It is critical to define the tumor boundaries and decide on an optimal number of needles and corresponding needle trajectory to be able to perform a complete tumor treatment and not to cause damage to surrounding tissue.


    Navigating accurately at low dose to the lesion of interest without needle repositioning increases the opportunity for success and reduces risk for complications of your biopsies or ablations. Confirmation of ablation treatment endpoint can be accomplished with 3D imaging while the patient is still on the table.

    Soft Tissue image

    SmartCT Soft Tissue

    SmartCT Soft Tissue offers a Cone Beam CT (CBCT) acquisition technique augmented with step-by-step guidance, advanced 3D visualization and measurement tools; all accessible on the touch screen module at table side.

    Pre-procedural image alignment with CBCT

    CBCT 3D image using Dual View

    Dual View allows the overlay of a pre-procedure 3D image (CT/MR/PET-CT) on an intra-procedure 3D CBCT Dual to better visualization the lesions and access critical input for needle planning.

    Live needle trajectory guidance

    Live trajectory guidance with XperGuide

    XperGuide provides highly accurate live image guidance of each needle to a targeted position by overlaying pre-planned trajectories with fluoroscopic imaging.3

    Post ablation lesion imaging with CBCT


    With CBCT acquire a post-ablation CBCT to demonstrate the extent of tumor coverage and confirm completeness of your treatment.

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    Product availability is subject to country regulatory clearance. Please contact your local sales representative to check the availability in your country.



    * XperGuide Ablation is an option-feature of XperGuide


    1 Abi-jaoudeh et al , Cone Beam vs Conventional CT Navigation for Image-Guided Biopsy, J VascIntervRadio; 2016; 27: 1342–1349.

    2 Floridi C et al, Percutaneous needle biopsy of mediastinal masses under C-arm conebeam CT guidance: diagnostic performance and safety, Medical Oncology, 2017; 34(4): 1-7

    3 Ji Yung Choo; Percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy of small (1 cm) lung nodules under C-arm cone-beam CT virtual navigation guidance; Eur Radiol (2013) 23:712–719.

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