Highlighted products for these procedures

    Maquet operating table

    Integrated Getinge Maquet Magnus operating table

    Wide range of positions across multiple disciplines

    Unparalleled in positioning flexibility

    Can accommodate all surgical procedures

    Carbon fiber back-plate can be used with imaging

    All modules are connected easily, quickly and safely using Easy-Click

    Philips Hybrid OR combines the Azurion advanced image-guided therapy system with Getinge’s OR table and more. Benefit from excellent imaging and the flexibility of  Azurion seamlessly integrated with the Maquet Magnus table.

    SmartCT cone-beam CT

    Cone-beam CT imaging (SmartCT)

    Fast and easy intra-operative 3D imaging

    Provides exceptional, large field of view 3D images (up to 6 levels) that boost confidence and enhance precision throughout the procedure

    Cone-beam CT (SmartCT) can remove the need for post-op CT verification by providing excellent in-room cone-beam CT imaging

    Provides better insights into spinal anatomy to support precise planning and guide effective implant placement.

    The Azurion system is the optimal balance between intraoperative image quality and radiation exposure for surgeons and patients."

    Dr. P. Scarone

    Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) Lugano, Switzerland

    Customer experiences within Philips Spine suite

    Performing minimally invasive spine procedures

    Performing minimally invasive spine procedures in the hybrid OR of University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Kiel, Germany


    As physicians perform more minimally invasive spine surgery procedures, many are working in a Hybrid Operating Room (OR). The Orthopedic and Emergency Surgery team at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) explains the benefits they have experienced over the past three years of performing minimally invasive spine surgery in Philips Hybrid OR.

    The value of a multi-purpose room


    In a multi-purpose Hybrid OR more disciplines will benefit from the ability to perform minimally invasive procedures. This reinforces the business case, since costs can be shared and complex procedures can be performed to increase room utilization. All of this supports a high return on investment. The Azurion Hybrid OR offers unique features that create an easy to use and customized OR, for each discipline and procedure from day one.

    Performing minimally invasive spine procedures

    Performing minimally invasive spine surgery in a Hybrid room with navigation


    Clinical experience with Philips intra-operative imaging and Brainlab navigation for MIS spine surgery in a Hybrid OR  by Dr. Torres, Neurosurgeon at Centro Medico de Asturias, Spain

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    Spine suite results one pager

    Key benefits of Azurion with FlexMove for spine surgery


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