Affordable innovation in Turkey

My primary responsibility is providing the best care for our patients. To do that I try to provide the best medical staff, the best medical equipment and the best communication with patients and their families.”

Burçak Kocatürk

Nurse, University of Başkent Medical Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Affordable innovation in Portugal

The support from the Company’s technicians is fantastic; they are always available to help us. I no longer call Philips a supplier but rather a partner, because that is really how I view Philips.”

Fernando Casgtro

Equipment Coordinator, Santa Casa de Misencordia, Portugal

Affordable innovation in India

Multiple features of Efficia and Philips’s wide service network works out well for me.

It brings efficiencies to the system and also is very dependable.”

Dr. Uday Mahorkar

Director and Cardiologist, Avanti Institute of Cardiology, Nagpur, India

Affordable innovation in Myanmar    

By using these solutions, we get timely data and hence provide better treatment. That is why the results and outcomes have become more effective”

Dr. Chi Li, Bahosi Hospital