Installed payments

Installment payment


If you are looking to purchase (right to own) rather than lease an asset, we can structure a financing solution with long-term deferred repayment plan to meet your needs. You retain legal ownership of the equipment or device, which is transferred to you on acceptance. Repayments can be structured on a linear, annuity or customized schedule depending on your specific requirements.




A Philips Capital leasing agreement is an ideal solution for customers who favor a right to use model (as opposed to ownership) for equipment assets for the duration of their economic life. At the end of or during this period, potential purchase options may be discussed. Long-term payment plans and customized solutions mean we can deliver an agreement in line with your specific requirements, and the assets is yours to use for the duration of the contract.

* Depending on the accounting standards you follow, both Finance & Operating Lease* may be structured. If you follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), please note that from 2019, IFRS 16 does not differentiate between Finance or Operating Leases from the point of view of a lessee. Please contact our team of financing experts for further information.

Dept financing

Debt financing


In addition to helping you finance your Philips acquisitions, Philips Capital can also support you in arranging longer-term or short-term debt facilities to support your business. Moreover, we can facilitate secure turnkey financing and project-based financing for larger projects.

Export credit agency

Export-credit-agency-backed financing (ECA)


Export credit allows cross-border customers to gain access to hard currency financing for purchasing Philips equipment. We work through a network of ECAs around the world and can arrange either a supplier or a buyer credit facility. For exports from the Netherlands we work with Atradius Dutch State Business.

Subscription model

Subscription model


For some products, especially software, accessing via subscription rather than allocating budget to acquire it is an interesting option. This approach helps mitigate risk in terms of technology obsolesce and allows payment structures based on actual usage of the system or software.

Distributor financing

Distributor financing


For Philips distributors that either require higher working capital or longer payment terms, Philips Capital can arrange financing facilities with our external financing partners. You may use these working capital facilities to either bridge the liquidity gap between your collection and payment to Philips or to extend payment terms.