CT Calcium Scoring

One-click 3D calcium segmentation

Rapidly quantifies coronary artery calcifications and includes mass, Agatston score, as well the MESA score. It allows you to distribute automated, customizable reports electronically or on paper.
ct calcium scoring clinical image

CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis

Enables extraction and visualization of the entire coronary tree

The application is based on an automatic 3D model-based whole-heart segmentation and zero-click coronary artery segmentation. This enables automatic extraction and visualization of the entire coronary tree.
ct comprehensive cardiac analysis clinical image

Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis

Comprehensive vascular analysis planning

This application is designed to examine and quantify different types of vascular lesions from CTA and MRI scans. It accommodates different modes of inspection, allowing you to label different vascular lesions, and helps you to navigate through multiple findings.
multi modality advanced vessel analysis clinical image