3 positions for easy bottle feeding

3 weeks old

Want to know how to keep meal time comfortable for you and your little one? Here are three popular bottle­feeding positions to keep in your feeding toolkit.

The all­rounder: cradle hold

The cradle hold is a crowd pleaser that many parents like to use because of the laid-back position for both parent and baby.


How to do it: Place your baby in the crook of one arm. Support their head with your arm, tilting their body so they’re leaning slightly backwards. Double check their chin isn’t tilting towards their chest before you begin to feed.


The acid buster: sitting up

Propping your baby up in a sitting position is a good way to let gravity do its work to prevent your baby spitting up.


How to do it: Place your baby on your lap so their back is against your chest in an upright position.


The bonder: bent legs

Bottle feeding can also be a time to get to know one another. Use this position to get some extra face­to­face time with your little one.


How to do it: Sit down on the couch or floor with your legs bent at a 45 ° angle. Then, place your baby on your lap so their feet rest against your tummy and they’re looking up at you. Don’t forget to support your back, too!


Ready, set, eat

Once you’ve found a comfortable position, tilt the bottle so the milk fills the nipple completely. This reduces the amount of air your baby takes in and decreases the chance of developing painful gas.


Happy feeding!

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